Świnoujście - kraina 44 wysp

Świnoujście is a place with the widest beach in Poland, an exceptionally warm Baltic Sea and favorable weather for visitors. Its climate, appreciated since the 19th century, is beneficial for health, and its location on the islands between the sea and the Szczecin Lagoon is exceptionally picturesque. Currently, tourism is developing very well here.

Information about the city

The first people appeared in this area of ​​5,000. years BCE, and in 1000 CE The people of Wolin ruled here, whom the state incorporated into its Mieszko I. The region was then ruled by Pomeranian dukes, Swedes and Prussians. The name of Świnoujście as Swinemünde appeared for the first time in the 1840s, when the settlement became a seaport. In the nineteenth century, the city began to expand rapidly – among others, the highest lighthouse in the world at that time, a pier and a railway connection with Berlin was launched. In 1843, Świnoujście became a health resort, and when brine and peloid deposits were discovered, it was transformed into a health resort.

Currently, Świnoujście is inhabited by almost 50 thousand. residents. It is located on 44 islands, the largest of which are Wolin, Uznam and Karsibór. The city is important as a seaport and tourist destination. A ferry to Germany and Sweden also departs from here.

Beach weather

The weather in Świnoujście undoubtedly affects the tourist attractions of Świnoujście. 34% of days in a year are defined as days with climatic comfort, which is a very good result in Poland. The wind is not gusty, there is little rainfall, and the winters are mild. In the summer season, temperatures reach 34 degrees Celsius.

All this makes the beach in Świnoujście one of the most attractive in Poland. It is a wide strip of sand surrounded by pine and beech forests. There are bicycle and canoe routes in the area. The beach itself has repeatedly been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag, which stands for the highest standard of water quality and safety.

What is worth seeing?

Attractions of Świnoujście and the surrounding area

Świnoujście abounds in tourist attractions appreciated by people spending their time not only in the city itself, but also in the nearby, extremely popular Międzyzdroje. What is worth seeing?


The lighthouse in Świnoujście was built in the second half of the 19th century and is one of the tallest in the world. It is also the first one on the Baltic Sea with its 65 meters. When we climb 300 steps to its top, we will see a breathtaking panorama of the area with the island of Rügen, Międzyzdroje and German bathing areas. It is worth visiting the Museum of Lighthouse and Sea Rescue, which is open in the adjacent building. We will see there, among others elements of ship equipment, navigation lamps or divers' costumes.

Swinoujscie Fortress Forts

As part of the fortress built in the mid-nineteenth century, we can see three forts. Particularly noteworthy is Fort West, which houses the Museum of the History of the Fortress Świnoujście. There you can see exhibitions devoted to the then weapons, including artillery, and uniforms, and photos. From the command bunker, you can see the panorama of the entire fort. Children and artillery fans will be able to move the entire battery of guns.

In Fort Angel, we will also see interesting exhibitions. Among other things, there is an interactive Viking Hall, where we will try on period gear to take an unforgettable selfie. Exhibitions and concerts are also organized here. Gerard's Fort will surprise us with guided tours dressed in Prussian uniforms. Stagings of battles are organized here, and during the Fortress Days in September, we will be able to see historical vehicles arrived there during their rally.

Underground City

For several years now, an extraordinary monument of military architecture can be seen on Wolin Island, or rather below it. It is a kilometer-long network of corridors connecting several dozen rooms and shelters. It was built in the 1930s, when huge six-ton guns were installed here.

When the complex passed into Polish hands, it became a backup command post of the Polish army. It was fully autonomous, with all the installations needed to survive there for many months. The status of the Underground City is emphasized by the fact that until the end of the Cold War it was one of the state's best-kept secrets. Currently, the facility is still of extraordinary value as one of the last such places in Poland.

Windmill, Promenade and a spherical fountain

The Stawa Młyny windmill is a symbol of Świnoujście. It is, in fact, a windmill-shaped navigational sign at the end of the West Breakwater at the entrance to the harbor. According to legend, this ten-meter building had a rejuvenating power that has been tried over the years. It even appeared in the movie The Lighthouse Keeper and is now part of the city's logo.

A characteristic feature of the city is the fountain created to celebrate the 250th anniversary of granting city rights to Świnoujście. It is a partially sunken steel ball surrounded by granite sides. The Fisheries Museum located in the Town Hall is also worth visiting. We will be able to see there exhibitions on fishing and the Baltic fauna and flora, as well as an amber exhibition.

Świnoujska Promenada is 12 kilometers long and it is the main promenade of the city, with many shops and restaurants. We will undoubtedly taste local delicacies there. What to eat? It is definitely worth tasting the local fish, including smoked whitefish or whitefish. We should also remember that the famous Szczecin paprykarz also comes from this region and it is worth celebrating it by taking a trip around the amazing land of 44 islands.

If you are fascinated by the history of this beautiful city and you want to see all the described things with your own eyes as soon as possible, we cordially invite you to Świnoujście, and here, in turn, to our luxury apartments!

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