The company BALTIC HOME S.C. with its registered seat in Świnoujście, at ul. Uzdrowiskowa 11/3, acting on the basis of an agreement with the owner of residential / pension premises, called apartment, performs – in the owner’s name and on his behalf – year round services and organisation of the rental of that apartment for the purpose of housing clients/guests.The company BALTIC HOME S.C. is the representative of the apartment’s owner and its empowered person in dealing with clients/guests in the area of rental services.The company BALTIC HOME S.C. provides – in its own name – marketing, advertising and information services, carries out the cleaning and technical maintenance of apartments, and year round care of entrusted premises as per agreement.
Terms used:
CLIENT/GUEST – a person making a reservation and using the services of the apartment owner and the company BALTIC HOME S.C.
OWNER - owner of the residential/pension premises providing rental services for tourist purposes.
B.H. - the company BALTIC HOME S.C.
The performance of services is conditional upon the client/guest’s familiarity with the present information and acceptance of its substance.
An up to date list of available apartments can be consulted on the Internet site , and in other information materials published by B.H.;After familiarising himself with the company’s offer, the client/guest discusses rental date and price details by phone with B.H.. At this moment the initial reservation of the apartment takes place;In the next 12 hours the client/guest receives a fax or email with the Ordering Form. The form sent by B.H. will contain inscriptions pertaining to the apartment, reservation date and price agreed upon. From that moment on, the client/guest is bound to fill the ordering form within three days and make pay a deposit in the amount given in the description of the offer to the owner’s bank account. This amount will count towards the remuneration for rental services. A copy of the filled out ordering form along with proof of payment is then sent by the client/guest to B.H. offices.On the day the above mentioned documents are received, B.H. will confirm the acceptance of the final reservation by fax or email;The failure to pay the deposit by the indicated date can lead to the cancellation of the initial reservation. If the reservation is cancelled and the client/guest has made the payment past the indicated date, he will be informed of this cancellation, and the deposit will be returned to his account from the owners account, minus an operational charge of 60,00 PLN, within three days;FThe ordering form along with the deposit payment slip constitute the client/guest’s confirmation of an agreement with the owner;The remainder of the sum to be paid for the client/guest’s stay is to be paid no later than the day of arrival either by transfer to the owner’s account or by cash at B.H. offices;In period I (high season) reservations are accepted only for full weeks;In periods II and III, it is possible to make a reservation of an apartment for periods of less than a week. In such a case the price for individual days could rise, a fact about which the client/guest will be informed beforehand.
The desire to make a change in a reservation should be declared in writing to the B.H. offices. Insofar as the change concerns the date of stay in the apartment, the change should be requested no later than 20 days prior to the date of arrival indicated in the ordering form;In keeping with the above mentioned conditions, B.H. will consider the proposed changes in conjunction with the owner and will inform the client/guest of the decision arrived at in writing;In cases when changes to the existing reservation are not possible, it will remain in force.
In case of cancellation of a reservation prior to 10 days before the date of arrival, the client/guest assumes the cost of the deposit paid;In case of cancellation of a reservation later than 10 days before the date of arrival, client/guest assumes the cost of 60 % of the order value;In case of cancellation of a reservation on the date of arrival or should the client/guest fail to cancel a reservation, the client/guest is bound to pay the full cost for a stay during the reserved period;The possibility of cancellation without costs incurred by the client/guest only exists if B.H. can find another client for the same apartment for the same period. In such a case, the client/guest will receive a refund of the deposit paid, minus an operational and reservation charge in the amount of 150,00 PLN;In all cases, the cancellation of a reservation will be confirmed in writing by B.H.
The price given in the description of the apartment is a gross price and includes:The stay in an apartment of the maximum number of persons allowed for that apartment for a period of one day during a rental periods of at least one week;The cost of utilities used by the client/guests (electricity, water, gas, and heating), insofar as such use is not obviously abusive;A change of bedding and towels for each guest (an additional change every week for longer stays);The cost of the final cleaning (an additional cleaning every week for longer stays);The cost of reservation;
(the price does not include the climatic tax, which should be paid on the day of arrival).
Unless other arrangements are made, guests are expected to arrive on the first day of stay after 5:00 PM at the B.H. office in Świnoujście, at ul. Uzdrowiskowa 11/3;The guest and a representative of B.H. will go to the apartment and will conduct an acceptance of the premises by means of verification of the state of the premises and an inventory;The guests’ departure from the premises should take place on the last day of stay, by 11:00 PM,It is possible to agree on other hours of guests’ arrival and departure;B.H. is bound by the apartment owner to charge a safety deposit in the amount stated in the apartment description, or set by other means. This safety deposit will be collected on the first day of stay and returned to the guest on the last day of stay, following acceptance of the apartment without reservations.
All apartment descriptions include indications of owners about, among other issues, the maximum number of persons allowed in the apartment, whether animals are allowed, and whether smoking is permitted. Each of the guests is asked to respect these indications, to care for the owner’s property, and to abide by normally accepted principles of public order;In cases when the number of persons exceeds the allowed number, or when damage to property or glaring infringement of public order are observed, B.H. has the right and obligation to intervene immediately, up to and including the immediate termination of the rental agreement;The guest is bound to ensure the security of the apartment, understood as the proper locking of main entry doors and windows each time the apartment is left empty and keeping the keys away from third parties;If, during the period of stay, any part of the apartment’s equipment is damaged or lost by fault of the guest, B.H. is bound to claim compensation from the guest.An earlier departure of the guest without transfer of the apartment to a B.H. representative could lead to claims on the part of the owner;During the stay, the guest will be the sole user of the apartment. For this reason, a B.H. representative will only come to the apartment when called upon to do so by the guest and upon the latter’s presence (including in cases of cleaning and change of bedding during the stay);The guest has the possibility to inform B.H. representatives of all matters related to the stay, including any and all damages and failures, either in person at B.H. offices or by phone to the number given on the day of arrival;Should you find the quality of services or any other issue dependent on B.H. or the owner unsatisfactory during your stay, please make this fact known so that the problem can be resolved.
The personal data of all clients/guests will be protected and used by B.H. and the owner solely for the purpose of providing rental services

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